<aside> 💡 SCUFFY Placement has closed! If you wish to find out more about dorms you weren't placed in (and become a social member), check out their info on the Dorms page. You can email the points of contact for each dorm with questions!



First year students, welcome to MIT! This site is the official home for MIT's virtual 2020 residence exploration for first year students. Or as we like to call it: SCUFFY! (Support CommUnities For First Years — it's not the best acronym)

Explore Dorm Community

Just like a normal year, you’ll get to explore the Dorms and Cultural Houses at MIT, and be placed in a small community within them. We’re trying to recreate the dorm life experience, from frantically asking upperclassmen all your weird MIT-specific questions (just how do you get a UROP? What even is a banana lounge?) to random conversations with people at 3am (“we should build a chocolate cabinet”). And of course, that experience will be incomplete without YOU!!!

ESC Events~

Please join us from Aug. 23 onwards, as we start our extravaganza of 173 events (ESC Events~) just for you guys! In the meantime, feel free to check out the details in The Details. If you have any questions, reach out to us at [email protected].

<aside> 💡 Note: The SCUFFY Dorm Placement is not tied to Housing and Residential Services. So, your placement will not be tied to your housing assignments in future semesters but serves as a mechanism to connect you with other MIT students. Participation in SCUFFY is optional but encouraged.


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